Veritas is accredited by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS). This accreditation allows us the opportunity to participate in local sporting events, lends academic credence to our institution, and helps us to accomplish the common goals we share with other private schools in Mississippi. For more information about the MAIS visit
Veritas is a member of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS). The purpose of ACCS is to promote, establish, and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education in the light of a Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures.” For more information about ACCS visit

The Veritas School Student Honor Code
The Veritas School requires that each student admitted to the school sign the Student Honor Code. This pledge by the student provides a foundation for integrity and honesty in keeping with the teaching of Scripture and the mission and philosophy of The Veritas School.

As a student at The Veritas School and as a member of a Christian family, I accept my responsibility to live by the standards below at school. I acknowledge that I am under authority of institutions outside of the school such as my parents and my church. I further understand that honoring my parents with my attitudes, words and actions and making church worship and activities a priority in my life will result in blessing both for me and for others based on the truth of God’s Word.

I, therefore, personally accept these responsibilities:
To those in authority over me at school:
• I will respectfully obey all those in authority over me without argument.
• I will tell the truth in all circumstances.
• I will neither steal nor damage the property of others and will respect the privacy of others.
• I will be considerate of others in my dress and conduct as I recognize my appearance and behavior reflect upon me wherever I go.
• I will uphold the Statement of Academic Integrity found in the handbook.

To my classmates:
• I will try to treat all students with respect, kindness, consideration, and honesty.
• I will do my best to maintain peace with others.
• I will try to spread a grateful, encouraging attitude, instead of a complaining spirit.