The Veritas School exists to equip a new generation of Christian leaders to think and live Biblically. The Christian Worldview is at the heart of everything we do as a school. Seeing all of life through the lens of God’s revealed word is the goal that we have for all of our students. The Christian Worldview is not just an academic study for our school, it is a way of life. We seek, by God’s grace, to not only teach every subject from a Christian Worldview, but to pursue Godliness in our relationships, in the way we handle discipline, and in our athletic program.

The Veritas School is committed to academic rigor. We are a Christian school that incorporates Classical principles and methods to give our students the tools needed to become successful students. Our students not only learn the basic facts of the subjects taught, but learn how to be readers and thinkers. Our students learn how to persuasively express what they think and believe. We want to develop discerning and thoughtful students who seek true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom found in Christ alone. When our students leave The Veritas School, we want them to be prepared academically to face the challenges of college.

The Veritas School is committed to developing a Christian community with students, staff, and parents. Our love for Christ and our love for each other is the driving force behind working to maintain a Christian community within our school. Your student will be treated as a person created in the image of God, and your student will be loved and cared for at The Veritas School.

We are honored that you are considering The Veritas School. Our website will assist you in discovering what the The Veritas School has to offer. We think that you will find that our school is a unique place where students will be given every opportunity to develop into well rounded young men and women. If you have any questions about our school please feel free to contact the school office at 601-713-1555, and we will be glad to assist you.

Tray Earnhart
The Veritas School